The woman walking to the street corner


The woman walking to the street corner

16mm; ISO-400;  f/16;  1/400

If left unnoticed and uncaptioned, this image would quickly be lost in the mass of images that flood social media. I think the highlight of this image is the way the woman is walking. Other than that, it's not unlike the proliferation of commercial images. I'm not sure I was aware of this at the moment I pressed the shutter, namely the dramatic stance of the woman. But now, I must add, she (the woman) is the visual interest of the image. Compared to similar figures in commonplace images, her appearance is dramatic, uncertain, oscillating, and constitutes a reverse tension to previous experiences, constituting another narrative of the image.

Paying closer attention, we find that her walking posture is not firm and strong revealing a certain rhythmical nature of urban life; certainly not the softness and youthful energy of a young woman. How different she is! She seems to be immersed in her own world, unconcerned with the eyes of others, and content with this. She also seems to reveal a little bit of uncertainty and ecstasy. In short, her appearance fills the narrative of the picture with more imagination and uncertainty.

Filming date: December 31, 2020

Location: Xinjiekou, Nanjing, China